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Chase & Sammi

Chase Payne(17) and Sammi Seacrist(17) are an acoustic rock & country duo that plays HITS from the 60's to today.

Hannah & Liz

This sister duo brings an acoustic twist to some of your favorite hits reaching from the old rock n roll classics to today's most popular music.

Driftwood (Jonathan Shumaker & Dylan Ashton)

It’s not surprising that, at 2-years old, singer/songwriter Jonathan Shumaker drew a crowd at Sea World, while singing into a straw. Now a Sophomore at Virginia’s Governor’s School for the Arts, Jonathan has been professionally entertaining crowds up and down the East Coast for over three years. With influences that include Mayer, Mraz, Aldean, Clapton, Mumford & Sons and BB King, the rich warm vocals and accomplished technical guitar he delivers defines the term crossover artist.


Playing a wide variety of beachy tunes.

~two arms of flight~

Based in Virginia Beach, our band is comprised of a percussionist, guitarist, bassist and violinist/keyboardist. Collectively, we have broad musical backgrounds from Rock Academies School of Music, Classical string ensembles, Chamber Orchestra, Bay Youth Orchestra, Visual and Performing Arts Academy and participating members of former and current local Rock Bands. We are a family band comprised husband, wife, son and cousin who enjoy playing together and making music. This will be our third year performing as a group.


Jeff Egert - Keyboard and Lead vocals
Ford Howland - Guitar and Vocals
Russ Keller - Guitar and vocals

Virginia Beach based electric acoustic trio playing high energy rock.

Joe Heilman

Joe Heilman grew up listening to his mother’s soul music & stealing his father’s Beatles and country records. So when he picked up an acoustic guitar what came out was a little bit of everything…and it still does! Joe’s been writing & performing for over twenty years. He’s performed in almost every state of the union from bars & clubs to churches & homeless shelters… The years have left a voice that sounds as well worn as a saxophone, weathered and rich…Now every song is peppered with that soulful seasoning that makes you feel warm all over!

The Kings of Ukulele

Alec "Cheef" Poletsky - Tenor Ukulele

Kevin "Mink" Turner - Concert Ukulele

The Kings of Ukulele are America's favorite Ukulele group. Formed in 2006 in Virginia Beach, VA USA .The Kings of Ukulele play a wide variety of exciting music all on the amazing Ukulele.

The Kings of Ukulele have shared the stage with national recording artists such as Mishka, The Beach Boys, and even Marilyn Manson!


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